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Live from Ukraine – A first-person look inside Ukraine
Learn about the up to the minute activity going on inside Ukraine. Participants will hear firsthand what is happening on the ground from Reno Domenico who is living and working in the Ukraine. Mr. Domenico has photograph and video links of the events unfolding in recent months and personal accounts of the day-to-day changes impacting people and businesses within the country.

How Can You Change the World
This program addresses many compelling questions including: What are the seven ways you can change the world? How does nature change? How do human beings bring about change? Can you change the world? How? What are examples of people who have changed the world, and how did they do it? How have scientists changed the world? Business people? Political leaders? Religions leaders? Individuals? Students? What can you do, starting now?

Bebe Forehand: The Belgian Anne Frank

Known as the “ Belgian Anne Frank,”  Bebe Forehand gives a first -hand account of being a  young girl whose family took refuge during WW II in an attic, anticipating the coming of theAmerican/ Allied Forces. Her father was with the Jewish underground in Belgium. Bebe is a gifted storyteller and her descriptions of her life during the 3 1/2 years she and her family spent hiding in the attic of a house in Antwerp were fascinating and very moving.




Interview with Co Founders SLN








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