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Thank you so much, our kick off “Virtual Visit” was a resounding success! We had 92 people in attendance, and at least 30% were either new to us or not regular attenders. What a wonderful outreach!!  And you were spot on, BeBe was phenomenal!!

Thank you so much for making this opportunity available to us.

 Bonnie   Two Rivers Senior  Center

Bebe Forehand: The Belgian Anne Frank

Known as the “ Belgian Anne Frank,”  Bebe Forehand gives a first -hand account of being a  young girl whose family took refuge during WW II in an attic, anticipating the coming of theAmerican/ Allied Forces. Her father was with the Jewish underground in Belgium. Bebe is a gifted storyteller and her descriptions of her life during the 3 1/2 years she and her family spent hiding in the attic of a house in Antwerp were fascinating and very moving.


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