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Desert Discovery

Take a virtual tour of the Indianapolis Zoo Deserts Biome and learn more about deserts and the unique animals you'll find there. We'll also take you behind-the-scenes to learn more about how we care for our desert friends here at the Indianapolis Zoo!

More Information   $170.00

Earth Day

We've all been told to "save the planet," but how can we do this? It goes much farther than "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle." We'll talk about our beautiful planet and how we can keep it clean as we celebrate Earth Day.

More Information   $170.00

Endangered Species

It's sad, but true entire species of plants and animals vanish from our planet everyday. In this program, we'll discuss some causes of extinction, talk about some success stories of survival, and learn how you can do your part to help save the earth's endangered species.

More Information   $170.00


Take a voyage south of the Equator to visit our favorite feathered friends, the penguins! You don't have to get dressed up just because they did; we're just going to talk about how theyre adapted for a chilly lifestyle and what makes them different from other birds.

More Information   $170.00