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The Truman Presidential Library

Early Life and Times

This video conference will focus on the early life of Presidents Harry Truman from his birth in Lamar MO, to his life as a farmer. Presented are the influential foundations that help for his political life in Kansas City and his Presidency. - 1 hour -

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Harry Truman the President of the United States, how did shape the highest office of the land. What were the successes and failures of his Presidency and how has history viewed his administration since his death. -- 1 hour --

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Truman and Civil Rights

The Truman Presidency was instrumental in the desegregation of the US Military. What was the role of Truman in expanding Civil Rights under his administration?

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Truman and the Berlin Airlift

One of the pivotal issues that emerged after the end of WWII was that Berlin became a surrounded city. How did deal with this international problem and lead the US in the Berlin Airlift.

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