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Slavery in Pennsylvania: The Request

William Penn was here by choice. Others were not. The backdrop for this program is a rather ordinary task -- doing the laundry at Pennsbury Manor. As students learn how to do laundry in the 17th century style, they reenact the true story of Jack, an African American slave owned by William Penn, and Parthenia, Jack's enslaved wife. As their story unfolds, the institution of slavery as it existed in colonial Pennsylvania is explored.

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The Tour of Pennsbury Manor

Learn about William Penn, the founding of Pennsylvania, and everyday life in the late 17th century during this informative and interactive program. Students participate in a fun activity involving authentic 17th century remedies for everyday illnesses and injuries, and in another activity, students discover just how long it takes to get a letter from Pennsbury Manor across the Atlantic Ocean in William Penn's time.

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The Voyage of the Submission

In this award-winning program, students assume the identity of an actual crew member or passenger onboard the Submission, which set sail for Pennsylvania in 1682. Students learn what happened before, during, and after the voyage, as well as explore the broader issue of immigration to the American colonies.

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Two American Witch Trials

In 1684 Margaret Mattson was accused by her neighbors of being a witch. This program is a recreation of Pennsylvania's first and only witch trial. Some students have scripted roles and all other students serve on the jury. The jury decides whether Margaret (usually portrayed by the teacher) is guilty or innocent. After their verdict is rendered, one of the 1692 Salem Witch Trials is recreated, with students again presenting the testimony against the accused. Afterwards, the circumstances leading up to each of these trials and the outcomes of each trial are compared.

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