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Mound Building Cultures

Explore the mound building cultures of ancient Ohio in this presentation hosted by Dr. Bradley Lepper, Curator of Archaeology for the Ohio Historical Society. Students will learn about the various types of mounds, how mounds were built, why mounds may have been built, what daily life might have been like as a member of these cultures, and how these cultures evolved as they experience a virtual tour of various mound sites in Ohio and across the nation.

More Information   $150.00

Show Me, Tell Me: The Impact Europeans Had On American Indians

This presentation looks at American Indians and their transition from the prehistoric period to the historic period (European Contact) around AD 1650 - 1700. Participants will look at prehistoric items used by the Eastern Woodland Indians, compare and contrast prehistoric tools with historic tools, discover how the Europeans changed the way the American Indians lived, how metal was introduced, and how furs were traded.

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So You Know the Civil War?

No other period in our nation's history has captured our interest more than the events of 1861 through 1865. Although this struggle between the North and South is distant in time, it is a period that is confusing and complex to understand. Your students will compete against one another as they answer questions about the people, places, and events of this War Between the States. Demonstrate your knowledge of the Civil War by scheduling So You Know the Civil War.

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The Story of the Strange Bird: The Origins of Thanksgiving

Our national bird, the bald eagle, was not the first choice of one of our Founding Fathers. The bird that almost became our national bird is only found in America. We celebrate a special day with this bird every November. Participants in this program will learn about the origins of Thanksgiving, who was responsible for it becoming a national holiday, and the prominent bird that almost was our national symbol.

More Information   $75.00