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African storytelling demonstrated by a griot "LIVE" from Africa

Griots are storytellers in western Africa who perpetuate the tradition and history of their people orally. It is a creative way of teaching students about their history and the history of the world around them. While hearing stories from a "LIVE" griot in Africa, the students will learn how these storytellers incorporate music, dance, etc. to make their stories more entertaining. In this session, students will not only be entertained by an African griot storyteller but will be encouraged and asked to write and recite a story about their family, their personal history and their life story. Remember, history happens every day.

More Information   $125.00

Learn African Music Live from Ghana

Oiada International would like to take a trip through time to experience the history of music via theatrical performance, skits and live interaction with students. Music is an international form of communication that can be understood and expressed beyond the limitations of language. In some African and Asian cultures, there is no word associated with the word "music" because it is so closely integrated with the daily living of people!

More Information   $175.00

Learn to cook African dishes from students

Oiada International would like to give a demonstration on preparation of foods indigenous to Ghana. The interactive session will include a demonstration of traditional techniques with common foods such as Cassava, Plantain, FuFu and Banku.

More Information   $175.00

Tour the Cape Coast Slave Dungeon in Africa

Experience what life was like inside the dungeon of the Cape Coast Castle. See the cramped and grotesque conditions the enslaved Africans were forced to endure before being loaded onto ships destined for the western world. Hear the stories of the horrors of what they experienced during months and years in these dungeons from some of the descendants of the enslaved Ghanaians. You will be able to ask questions during our program and learn about the Cape Coast Dungeons.

More Information   $175.00