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A Visit to the Mohawk Bark House

During this program, students will experience the history and culture of the Hausenosaunee. Participants will "visit" a 1790's Mohawk Bark House and learn about the basic layout and construction of the bark house. Through the use of interaction with a museum educator and artifacts you will gather an understanding of how the Hausenosaunee blended their culture with that of the Europeans.

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Meanings of the Mask

In this popular program, participants will take a virtual tour of the Thaw Collection of American Indian Art, especially its series of Yup'ik ceremonial masks. While learning about these Alaskan masks, a museum educator will play an interactive game geared toward teaching important facts about a Native American culture and the importance of natural resources to these groups.

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The Peppermint King and the Erie Canal

This lesson tells the story of the Hotchkiss family in nineteenth-century Lyons, New York, who benefited and flourished by transporting their peppermint products via the Erie Canal. A museum educator will use the Hotchkiss family's experiences, as well as many primary sources from the museums' collection, to illustrate how the canal affected trade, commerce, population growth, material culture, and industry in towns along the canal.

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Where in Native America?

In a program with educators at New York State Historical Association, participants will learn about the geographical locations and environmental features of North American regions. The one-hour lesson will connect how these elements shaped the cultures and traditions of various Native American cultures. They will do this by studying maps and by viewing objects in the Eugene and Clare Thaw Gallery of American Indian Art at Fenimore Art Museum.

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