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Civil Rights: Before You Could Say "Jackie Robinson"

We will examine historical data from various sources, including museum and library collections, artifacts, primary sources, oral testimonies, and Web sites. You will determine which attributes of Jackie Robinson's character contributed to his success as a baseball player who broke the color barrier and, later, as a political activist. Through dialogue and discussion, you will understand how the evolution of baseball coincided with significant cultural developments, such as: the abolition of slavery, Jim Crow laws, segregation, the Negro leagues, integration, and historical figures of those eras.

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Dirt on Their Skirts

If you believe baseball is only for boys, you should think again. Rich with the history of women who broke barriers to play the National Pastime, this program covers 150 years of striving for equity and diversity on the diamond. Meet the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League of the World War II era, as well as the young ladies of the 19th century who played the game long before they even had the right to vote. What do skirts and strawberries, charm school and chaperones have to do with baseball? Each teaches an important lesson in the story of gals who gave their all so that boys and girls can play side-by-side today. -- 1 hour --

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Diversity in the Dugout

The program provides an overview on racial and ethnic communities and the ways that they have changed the landscape of baseball since the late 1800s. We discuss immigration and the reasons why people have emigrated to the United States since the late 1800s. The program then features a discussion of the ban on black players, the influence of Native Americans, and the more recent trend of Asian players coming to the major leagues. -- 45 - 75 minutes --

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Hardball and Handshakes

Even in an era of free agency and million dollar agreements, baseball is more than money. Beyond the big salaries is a complex process of finding common ground individually and institutionally. As players and management organized themselves, the transition of our National Pastime from a social sport to a professional industry provides a unique lesson in free enterprise through the evolution of contracts and commerce.\n\nA fascinating look at the relationship between employer and employee. How does baseball compare to other entities that utilize collective bargaining and contract negotiation? From the boardroom to the locker room, learn the answers in this study of competition and cooperation. Throughout American history, the teamwork to earn a voice and a seat at the table has forged an important, time-tested principle: labor is not a commodity.

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Popular Culture Through Baseball Cards and Language

Pop Culture Through Baseball Cards and Language will explore the advent of baseball cards, their connection to tobacco and gum products, and their evolution into the modern day baseball card. Students will also learn about baseball terminology that has become part of everyday conversation in the classroom and workplace.

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