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All about Minnesota (formerly named Loons and Lady Slippers)

Gives participants a fun, fast-paced tour of Minnesota. Discover how land, people, and ideas converge to create "The Land of 10,000 Lakes." Participants will examine industry, topography, official Minnesota symbols and more-a great introduction to History Live

More Information   $120.00

Emancipation Proclamation: Liberty, Leadership & Legacy

The word of the day is "controversy." Students discuss the issue of slavery in 19th-century Americathe most contentious topic of that time. Through surprise visits from historical characters, they learn about the efforts of ordinary citizens to free enslaved ones; and they delve into the inner "controversies" of Abraham Lincoln as he struggles to craft the Emancipation Proclamation. Then students weigh in on whether the implied promises of that much-debated document have been fulfilled. $120.00

More Information   $120.00

Inventions that Changed the Nation

Meet three inventors who changed how we live today. Participants accompany the inventors on their creative quests and evaluate the methods scientists use to ensure their invention will not only stand the test of time, but deliver the greatest impact. Cost $75 in Minnesota, $120 outside MN

More Information   $120.00

Media Literacy 1968: A Year That Changed America

Travel back to the groundbreaking sights and sounds of a tumultuous year. Participants analyze various media messages in photos, TV commercials and other media. They'll also gain insight into today's media by evaluating messages related to the political and social upheaval of 1968. Cost $75 in Minnesota, $120 outside MN

More Information   $120.00

Messages Through Time: The American Culture Preserved in Stone

Explore early American Indian culture recorded 7,000 years ago through rock carvings, called petroglyphs. Participants will discover how American Indian people communicated before the alphabet and how their stories and culture continue to thrive today. Cost $75 in Minnesota, $120 outside MN

More Information   $120.00

The Dred Scott Family and the National Debate Over Slavery

Discover how a family's desire to secure its freedom collided with a nation's debate over slavery. Participants will explore the issues leading to the Supreme Court's infamous Dred Scott Decision of 1857. Cost $75 in Minnesota, $120 outside MN

More Information   $120.00