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Ask a Ranger

Park rangers have a wealth of knowledge about the national park system, the park where they work, life as a ranger, and more. Break into these stores of knowledge through an informal question and answer session with a Glacier Bay National Park ranger. Topics can cover glaciers, geology, and natural and cultural history of Glacier Bay, as well as life in rural Alaska, careers in the National Park Service, and more.

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Rivers of Ice: The Natural and Cultural History of Glaciers in Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay National Park has a dynamic glacial history. Through this distance learning program, participants will learn about glacial formation and its impact on the environment.

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Survivor Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay is a vast wilderness that is home to many animals, including birds, mammals, fish and, historically, people. Through this distance learning program, participants will learn that each animal has special adaptations to survive in the cold waters and snowy mountains of Glacier Bay. available 10-1 to 2-28

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The Power of Glaciers

Glacier Bay National Park has a dynamic glacial history. The area and its people have experience and observed the tidewater glacier cycle of advance and retreat. Today, Glacier Bay is a place of scientific research where scientist conduct studies to understand how glaciers function and what their future may be. In this interactive lesson, a park ranger will guide students through a history of glaciers in Glacier Bay. Students will create a model and engage in discussion with the ranger. There will be time for questions.

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Travels in Glacier Bay with Miss Elizabeth

Travel back in time with Miss Elizabeth, an early 20th century visitor to Glacier Bay! In this first person presentation, a beautifully attired Miss Elizabeth will graciously introduce you to the people, wildlife, and geology of Glacier Bay, Alaska. Learn about notable visitors to Glacier Bay, including John Muir and Eliza Scidmore, one of the first women to write for National Geographic Magazine. Discover one of the most scenic places in Alaska through the eyes of Miss Elizabeth.

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Whale Watching in Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay is home to one of the most magnificent marine mammals: the endangered humpback whale. Join park rangers and researchers on a virtual interactive trip through Glacier Bay to learn about these massive creatures and other marine mammals that live in the productive waters of Glacier Bay. This program is only available in January and February.

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