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Franklin D. Roosevelt President Library

" A Mighty Endeavor" : D- Day and FDR

As dawn broke on June 6, 1944, German soldiers defending the French coast at Normandy beheld an awe-inspiring sightthe largest amphibious invasion force in history massed in the waters of the English Channel. The long-awaited invasion of northwest Europe was underway. Relive the times leading up to and after this historic event .

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Franklin D. Roosevelt - America's 32nd President

This is an introduction to Franklin D. Roosevelt through the context of the challenges he faced and the contributions he made to the world in his time as well as our own. The focus is on FDR's sense of confidence, and commitment to public service, his battle to overcome the effects of polio, his creation of the New Deal, his leadership World War II, and his role in creating the United Nations. -- 30-45 minutes --

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Japanese-American Internment: Executive Order 9066

This presentation explores the decision leading to the internment of American citizens of Japanese ancestry at the beginning of World War II. -- 30-45 minutes --

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Presidential Papers and the National Archives

An introduction to the exciting world of presidential papers and the National Archives. Through an in-depth look at the more than 17 million pages of primary source material in the holdings of the Roosevelt Library (the nation's first presidential library), participants will be given a brief history of the presidential library system in general, and the FDR Presidential Library specifically. -- 30-45 minutes --

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The Great Depression: The First 100 Days of the New Deal

This presentation explores the causes and undercurrents that led up to the Great Depression and the dramatic set of New Deal Programs enacted in FDR's historic First Hundred Days in office. -- 30-45 minutes --

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Understanding the New Deal

This presentation explores some of the most significant New Deal programs such as the Works Progress Administration (WPA), Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA), Social Security Insurance (SSI), Tennessee Valley Administration (TVA), Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), and the National Recovery Administration (NRA), and the underlying goals that FDR had for the New Deal as a whole. -- 30-45 minutes --

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