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Hank Fincken: A National Theater Company of One

The following performances are available through the wonders of the Internet! Have a rousing performance for you group and enjoy the historically correct versions in a very enjoyable way!\nJohnny Appleseed -- Christopher Columbus -- Henry Ford -- J.G, Bruff, an 1849 Argonaut \nFrancisco Pizarro -- Thomas Edison -- Richard Crowley -- W.C. Fields\n\nBio:A spell-binding wordsmith, Hank Fincken has the distinction of being named Master Artist by the Indiana Arts Commission and given the Achievement and Service Award by the Indiana Theatre Association. Mr. Fincken has written and produced 12 original plays, published 25 stories, and tours the country with 5 original one-man plays. (Programs are available in Spanish.)

More Information   $275.00

Henry Ford: Driving Force in America

We take our modern life style with our modern values for granted. This program attempts to explain how we came to be so dependent on the automobile and the mass manufacturing through the assembly line. The audience will learn to appreciate some of Ford's contributions and to question some of his behavior. They will come to understand what we have gained and what we have lost.

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They Came to Laugh so Why No One Smiling

W.C. Fields was a comic headliner in the 1930s. He had a resurgence in the late 1960s though dead) thanks to television in the 1950s. Your mother thought his sense of humor too risqu; today's youth finds him too tame. Hank Fincken (author, actor, playwright) will discuss the nature of humor, perform as Fields, and let Fields himself astonish you with one of his greatest scenes. With a little push from your end, we might just encourage Fields to have a second comeback (though still dead).

More Information   $250.00