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Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Museum

Opening the West: From Lewis and Clark to the Oregon Trail

This interactive program will look at the contributions and impact of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The program will highlight other groups that came West. The program will look at their motivation to enter the American West and their contribution to the settling of the Western frontier. The program will conclude with a presentation and discussion of the Oregon Trail Migration.

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Skills & Cargo of Lewis and Clark

This program will familiarize participants with the equipment and supplies that Lewis and Clark took on their historic journey. Using inquiry learning, students will interact with Museum Education staff to explore the technology of the time by examining specific equipment and supplies taken by the Corps of Discovery 200 years ago. Topics will include medicine, scientific instruments, goods intended for trade with indigenous tribes, camping equipment, arms, accessories, and clothing

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The Men and Woman of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

This program looks into the lives of those who shaped history and geography by being a member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Students will explore some of the key and interesting members of the Corps of Discovery. Paricipants will examine what skills these individual brought to the expedition and how their skills made this epic trip successful. The students will also learn about the personalities of the explorers. Students will find out what happened to the members of the expedition after the expedition.

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