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Celebrate Presidents Day with Abraham Lincoln by John Mansfield

Special One Time ProgramFebruary 19, 2018Times: 10:30 & 12:30Come to hear Lincoln's stories of his boyhood and the struggles of him as a young man trying to chart the course of his life. You will learn how he ended up charting the course of a nation during the most costly civil war this nation has ever known. Join this memorable presentation with an award winning Abraham Lincoln presenter. Born 40 miles from Lincolns birthplace and attending a one room schoolhouse John Mansfield delivers an authentic and historic program.

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Hank the Cowdog's Ranch Life Escapades of Cowboys and Horses, by John Erickson, Author

Join us as Hank the Cowdog, the Head of Ranch Security, teaches in a fun way about cowboys and horses in a new ranch life book. Saddle up for some fun as everyone's favorite head of Ranch Security gives readers a glimpse into the world of horses and the life of a working cowboy. Hanks vibrant author John Erickson will sing songs accompanying himself on the banjo and read from various books using the voices of the characters. Reading is exciting with Hank the Cowdog stories! Join us on this ranching life adventure!

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Nazi POW Camps in America

Join us for a fascinating presentation by world renowned World War 2 expert Dr. Arnold Kramer. Dr. Kramer delivers fantastic insight about Nazi POW camps in America. Listen as he describes how the United States government detained nearly half a million Nazi Prisoners of War from 1942 through 1945. Krammer describes how, with no precedents upon which to form policy, America's handling of these foreign prisoners led to the hasty conversation of CCC camps, high school gyms, local fairgrounds, and race tracks to serve as holding areas. Join us afterwards for a Q&A session with Dr. Kramer!

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