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American History Through Baseball Uniforms

One of our newest video conference offerings is American History Through Baseball Uniforms. This module studies the history of baseball uniforms and how uniform changes often reflect key events in American history during the 20th and 21st centuries. Students will learn about the early use of wool uniforms, the addition of a Health patch during World War II, the influence of color television on the appearance of uniforms, and the adoption of polyester as the fabric of choice over wool and flannel.

More Information   $150.00

Civil Rights: Before you could say “Jackie Robinson”

Explore American history from the Civil War to the Civil Rights movement where stories of honor, courage, and perseverance are brought to life.

More Information   $150.00

How the Hall of Fame Works

One of our newest video conferences is How The Hall of Fame Works. This module features an in-depth virtual tour of the Museum, an examination of how artifacts are obtained and processed, and an explanation of the Hall of Fames rules for election.

More Information   $150.00