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Civil War Medicine

During this exciting lesson, Learners will meet and interact with a battlefield nurse from the Civil War. In 1863, little was known about the causes, cures, and spread of diseases. Soldiers who became ill had little chance of surviving. However, Civil War medical practices resulted in improved techniques and more effective methods of treatment. Students will experience many of these techniques and develop an understanding of medical advances.

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Civil War Spies

It's 1866 and the Civil War has just ended. Espionage in the Civil War was quite common and unbelievably easy. Newspapers constantly ran accounts of what the armies were planning. In some cases, military leaders planted false newspaper stories, knowing that the opposing army would read them. The best spies of the era were women. Women were considered harmless, and perhaps they took advantage of that assumption. Most of the spy records in the North and the South were destroyed to protect the spies and their families. Countless more spies took their secrets with them to their graves. This interactive electronic fieldtrip challenges students to examine historical tricks of the trade during wartime. Students are challenged to use critical thinking, decision making, and questioning strategies as they explore the Civil War.

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History's Mysteries

Why do some people say Abraham Lincoln haunts the White House? What unfinished business does he have there? Lincoln's ghostly legacy is just one history mystery shared in this 40-minute interactive electronic fieldtrip. Participants are urged to use their knowledge of history to question and solve puzzles about Lincoln, the Civil War, and Meriwether Lewis in this "Ghost Stories" program.

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Meet Dr. Mary Edwards Walker

Only one woman has ever received the coveted Medal of Honor, the highest individual award given by the US. She was also the only female surgeon commissioned by the US government during the Civil War. Her name is Dr. Mary Edwards Walker and you can meet the influential historical figure. Hear about her experience on the battlefields and her time as a POW in Virginia. Participants will be captivated by this determined individual!

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