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Glacier Detectives (FREE)

Through this interactive distance learning program students will learn why we have national parks, and be inspired by glaciers and ecosystems in Alaska. What is a glacier and how is it formed? As glacial detectives, we will observe the clues that a glacier leaves behind, begin to understand how parts of our planet have been shaped by ice, and start thinking about how water shapes our local environments.

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Listening To The Ice (FREE)

What happens in Alaska, doesnt stay in Alaska! This interactive distance learning program will provide your students with a better understanding of the causes and impacts of climate change in Kenai Fjords National Park and throughout the world.

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What is Our Role in Ocean Stewardship?

This program will focus on impacts and potential hazards of marine debris. In a facilitated dialogue format the ranger will engage students in a conversation about our role in protecting the ocean that we all share. free

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