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Cuban Missile Crisis

Heat up your Cold War lesson by participating in a case-based simulation.Do you have what it takes to avert a nuclear catastrophe? This simulation places participants in the role of CIA intelligence analysts in October 1962. By analyzing declassified primary documents and surveillance photos from U-2 spy planes, students advise President Kennedy of the "ground truth" at each stage of the Crisis. Can sources be trusted? The outcome is in their hands.

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Minute by Minute: The Role of Intelligence in the Cuban Missile Crisis

become intelligence analysts at the CIA in 1962 examining declassified intelligence documents and U-2 photographs at various stages of the crisis. In this social studies standards-based lesson, students are challenged to make decisions and recommendations based on primary documents and photos. The outcome of the crisis is in their hands

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Secret History of History

This is an opportunity to have participants dig deeper into the Secret History of History. In this completely customizable program, students and educators are invited to share their projects with the Museum's experts. Discovering the critical role of intelligence enables participants to gain a deeper understanding of decisions, outcomes, and actions that have changed the course of history.

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Spy School 101

Explore the shadow-world of espionage through the stories, artifacts, and tradecraft that only the Spy Museum can uncover. Student will learn about the Secret History of History and participate in various activities that will answer the question: Could you be a spy?

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The Role of Intelligence in the Cuban Missile Crisis

Participants will travel back in time to October 1962 just as the Crisis is emerging. As All Source Analysts at the CIA, participants will review Cuban national reports indicating a Soviet offensive nuclear build-up on the island. They will determine if the reports are valid and recommend a course of action to President Kennedy.

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