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George Washington: C.S.I. Meets the Biography Channel

This program is based on the book, The Many Faces of George Washington: Remaking a Presidential Icon by Carla Killough McClafferty.Did George Washington really look like his image on the dollar bill? Mount Vernon launched a forensic examination to find out. In this interactive session, your students will consider the same questions faced by a dream team of scientists, historians, and artists who worked on the project. Searching for the real George Washington, experts considered evidence revealed in portraits and statues of the manand studied Washingtons own dentures, hair, clothing and more. Carla Killough McClafferty will share her original research on the investigation as well as photographs from her book, The Many Faces of George Washington: Remaking a Presidential Icon. She will discuss how she used primary source research to make George Washington come to life in her award-winning book. This program demonstrates how to weave together the worlds of language arts, science, history, and art to tell an old story-in a new way.

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Sampler From Authors on CallĀ 

Vicki Cobb, founder of iNK Think Tank and author of 90+ books includingScience Experiments You Can Eatand Huffington Post blogger will speak with you live as she introduces you to her crew of professors-at-large with their own fascinating programs. Tune it onJan 10 at 1:pm central. Discover a genre of amazing presenters.The topics range from Harry Houdini, Poetry of the Sea as recited by a real sailor (and author/illustrator), traveling the Lewis and Clark trail, discovering a child who rode the orphan train, learning how forensics told us what George Washington looked like as a young man, going to outer space on the Voyager space craft, and getting in the trenches with female war correspondents.

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Secrets of the Statue of Liberty: How it was Built and why it became a Symbol of Immigration

Every student in America is familiar with the Statue of Liberty, but many dont know why it was built. This session will illuminate the many little-known stories about the Statue of Liberty. $300

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