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Trail of Tears: a History of Southeastern Indian Removal

The Trail of Tears is one of many scars in our nation's history of relations between Native Americans and white settlers. A study of this period can provide perspective on events throughout American history as well as on problems that we still face today. Legislation was part of what enabled this dark time, but it is equally important to consider the very human stories involved on both sides of the conflict. We will review the history of settler-Native American relations and develop an understanding of the issues and current events on the minds of those living in the period. Students will gain a perspective on both sides of the conflict, as well as a base of knowledge about the history of Southeastern American Indians and their interactions with white settlers. This program is designed to be customized to your groups age and knowledge level. When appropriate, students will join in guided analysis of primary documents pertaining to the lesson and discussion of the issues at hand.

More Information   $125.00