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George Bush Presidential Library

Agri-Tainment with Alpacas

November 512:30 CSTThe therapeutic value of interacting with an alpaca can be applied in many ways including the sheer sensory nature of the animal and the gentle, calming temperament of this South American camelid.

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Authentic Stories of Presidents including George Bush and the 41st Administration

A presidential library is like an iceberg," Harry Truman once explained to Lady Bird Johnson. "The important things are hidden below." In the digital age, those hidden things are often just a few keystrokes away. The rich vein from the White House photographer, from the president's daily calendar, from oral histories and from audio recordings provide an easily accessible window into American history and into the lives of the wealthy and powerful.

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Celebrate Presidents Day: Alligators in the East Room, Horseshoes on the South Lawn, and Other White House Tales

Is the White House a grand palace as George Washington wanted? Hear how President George Bush and other United States Presidents were at home in the White House!

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Civil Rights Movement and Influence Focusing on the Impact of African-American Protest Music

Dr. Earnest Obadele-Starks, expert on the civil rights protest of the 1960's, will be speaking on the societal influences of the civil rights movement and the impact of African-American protest music.

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Colonial Era: Benjamin Franklin's Contributions

Meet Ben Franklin - Printer, Scientist, Inventor, Civic Leader, Statesman, Diplomat, Abolitionist, Philosopher, AND Essayist.

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Early Explorers

In their exploration of new lands and quest for glory and wealth, Spanish conquistadors brought essential elements of their culture to the new world.

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