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"They Fought Like Tigers" African American and American Indian Soldiers

Fort Scott was the base for one of the most diverse assemblies of Union soldiers during the Civil War. Significant numbers of African Americans and American Indians were recruited in this area.

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A Most Diverse Army: African American and American Indian Soldiers in the Civil War

In this program, participants are asked to consider the concept of prejudice in the armed forces. The Civil War is introduced, and the conditions that led to African Americans and American Indians becoming refugees are discussed. The idea of African American and American Indian enlistment in the Union Army is then advanced.

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Saws and Scalpels: Civil War Medicine

Most of us today would not want to go the hospital if we could help it, because we associate hospitals with sickness and injury. However, because these two conditions occur with a great degree of regularity, hospitals often become a necessity to help us recover. During the Civil War, soldiers and civilians attached similar meanings to hospitals-a place of suffering, yes, but also a place of healing and recovery.

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Supplies, Survival and Success: Civil War Quartermaster

In our modern world, many of us have come to rely on transportation systems and the operation of stores and warehouses in order to provide us with food, clothing, and other essentials for survival. During the Civil War, Fort Scott played a similar role as a supply depot that was critical to the survival and success of Union soldiers in the area.

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