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FREE! 100 Years Ago: An Exploration of America’s Role in WWI

On April 1917, the United States ended isolationism and entered a war it had been avoiding for years. With the President Woodrow Wilsons declaration of war, over 4 million doughboys volunteered or were drafted for service in the U.S. Army. In addition, thousands of women answered the call to serve providing skilled labor both at home and abroad. Learn about these patriots by exploring artifacts and archives from the U.S. Army Womens Museum collection.

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Island of Integration: The Desegregation of the U.S. Army

As our nation fought abroad in WWII, the stirrings of another fight were beginning at home. Follow the journey of African American men and women as desegregation begins in the U.S. Army. Witness the history being made at home and abroad by examining original photographs, documents, newspapers, and artifacts.

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Where in the World Were They? American Women in WWII

Answering the call of a nation in need, American women step forward during World War II to fill an array of jobs. From factory workers to uniformed military members, these brave American women help win the war and usher in new economic and social changes that will forever alter the role of women in American society. The U.S. Army Womens Museum will lead your students through archive analysis that reveals the scope and breadth of womens service at home and abroad. They will hear the voices, feel the emotions, and examine the human dimensions of this massive cultural shift in our nation. Get ready to dig deep, put the pieces together, and circle the globe with American women in World War II.

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