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Conservation Connection

Why are all animals important to an ecosystem, even cockroaches and poison dart frogs? During this experience participants explore the interconnectedness of the natural world by discussing food webs, endangered species, and zoo conservation. Participants will study animals that are locally and globally endangered and will be encouraged to start a conservation project of their own.

More Information   $100.00

Gorilla Quest

Did you know that gorillas are peaceful primates? In this program participants will embark on a Gorilla Quest to learn about gorillas and their behavior, discover behind-the-scenes requirements and missions of modern zoos, and unearth reasons why gorillas and other animals are endangered.

More Information   $100.00

Habitat Explorers

Take an adventure around the world while visiting the Buffalo Zoo! Participants will explore the American Southwest Desert, New World Rainforest, Australian Scrub Forest and Arctic Tundra to uncover adaptations that enable animals to survive in extreme environments! Discover how scientists study animal adaptations and ecosystem relationships to protect diverse biomes around the world.

More Information   $100.00

Rainforest Experience

Where in the world can you hear parrots squawk, monkeys howl, insects buzz AND also smell bananas, orchids, and cinnamon? In the tropical rainforest, of course! Discover the importance of the rainforest and the consequences of its destruction by covering the layers, sounds, smells, and animals of these vanishing rainforests. Participants will also learn what they can do to help save this vanishing habitat.

More Information   $100.00