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First Encounters: When the Conquistadors Met the Karankawa

How did early American Indians encounter their environment, other tribes, and the Spanish conquistadors in the vast landscape that would become Texas? A Museum educator will lead participants as they search for evidence from artifacts and explore stories that reveal the many meanings of "Encounters on the Land."

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Gone to Texas! Part of the Nation's Immigration Story

Why did people move to Texas from other countries? Were they always welcomed when they arrived? Dr. source, primary investigator, will discuss the four primary waves of immigration to the United States through Texas, the history behind the movement of people to Texas then and now, interesting stories from immigrants, and look at artifacts that people brought with them on the journey

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La Belle: The Ship That Changed History

Who was the 17th Century French explorer La Salle? How did the sinking of his ship, La Belle, change the history of Texas? What technological innovations were used to excavate and conserve this 300 year old ship and its artifacts? Discover the answers to these questions by examining the artifacts found on the ship with a museum educator.

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Myths and Unsolved Mysteries of the Texas Revolution

What were the causes of the Texas Revolution? What key players and events helped a small group of revolutionaries achieve independence from Mexico? There are some mysteries to the story we may never solve. Participants will sort through the fact and fiction of this epic moment in Texas history through an artifact adventure and discover why the Texas Revolution is crucial to understanding American history.

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