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Bioshelter: Living in a Living System

Just unlike the human body the organs of this house, a Bioshelter, all play a part in keeping each of the inhabitants of the house alive and well. Any living system needs air, water, food,and shelter to live. This house, built as closely as possible to mimic a closed system like a human body, processes its own air, collects rain water and recycles it, and uses most of its own waste all under one roof. The house received a national award for Energy Innovation. Cost $75.

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Collect, Renew, Reuse: Water Shortage? What Water Shortage?

Water is becoming more of a problem across the US. Do students know where their water comes from? Is it clean? Is it scarce? In this conference, students will tour Alaska's only bioshelter, which boasts an easy-to-build water recycling system complete with a fish pond. Students will be inspired to learn more about how they can take action in making the planet a better place to live using recycled grey water and a rain catchment system.

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Living in Nature, Living in Balance

In Alaska, global warming is very real: trees are dying, glaciers are melting, it's very much warmer than when we were kids. Ironically we also have a very high carbon footprint since we heat with oil and coal. Alaska's only bioshelter was built in 1985 and we bought it so that we could educate and inspire others to live sustainably. Using nature as our partner, we recycle the spring and gray water to reuse and even drink. We compost our waste, from kitchen scraps to toilet waste, by using worms. We hope you will come and visit.

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Would You Like Sugar With Your Worm Tea? All About Composting

This program investigates how a house can be built and lived in, even in the cold of Alaska, with very little impact on the environment around it. This is a stand-alone program, or you can also book Part 2: "Collect, Renew, Reuse: Water Shortage? What Water Shortage?" See how the house collects rain and spring water and then recycles it to be used over and over again in a closed system. Either tour leaves students amazed and ready to try their own experiments with recycling.

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