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Blue Crab Biology

Examine the fascinating life and role of the blue crab, an important link in the Chesapeake Bay food web. The video conference will focus on blue crab research conducted in the Bay, and what this research tells us about the state of the Bay and its watershed.

More Information   $150.00

Forest Canopies: A Walk Through the Woods

Learn about forest structure, in particular how the forest canopy affects the forest all the way from the tops of the trees to the forest floor. Students will find out how scientists study the forest and what this research tells us about the health of a forest.

More Information   $150.00

Investigating Global Warming: Clues to a Changing Climate

The global climate is changing. Learn about the greenhouse effect, the cause of increased levels of carbon dioxide, and what complex role plants play in taking up this greenhouse gas.

More Information   $150.00