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Amazing Monarchs

From egg to adult; you will see them all in this special program available between June to late September. We'll get up close to live specimens and use images and video to explore the Monarch butterfly's amazing life cycle. With your help, we'll discover how they make their journey from Mexico to Ontario, Canada.

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Chocolate: From Treasure to Treat

From cacao to chocolate - rainforest treasure to luscious treat. Chocolate has been many things to many people over the years. Learn about the life cycle of the Cacao tree, then journey through history to get the complete story behind the tasty treat that we call chocolate. From the time of the Mayans and Aztecs, to pre-industrial Europe and finally to the present, explore how humans have used and processed these bitter tasting seeds. Finally discover the role and impact of chocolate on the rainforest ecosystems where it grows. During the videoconference, test your knowledge of chocolate while learning about this amazing plant and its history.

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Healing Plants

Plants form the main ingredients of medicines in traditional systems or healing and have been the source of inspiration for several major pharmaceutical drugs. Approximately 50,000 species of vascular plants have been used medicinally. Predominately these plants are used in traditional remedies, food, personal care and perfumery; only around 100 plant species have contributed significantly to modern drugs. We'll examine plants used in both areas and the impact on biodiversity and sustainability of these plants.

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Human Impacts on Ecosystems

When you go for a walk in a forest, meadow or wetland, is it the same as it was 100 years ago? Probably not. With the help of Google Earth and GPS coordinates, we'll locate the stressors on Cootes Paradise Marsh (Class 1 Wetland) to discover how the interrelationships of the vegetation, water quality and wildlife have been affected.

More Information   $200.00

Organic Gardening

Around the world, gardeners, farmers, and ranchers are working the land in a more sustainable way producing and distributing food and fiber. Schools are also employing ways to create and sustain a more environmentally friendly area for their students. Discover how you can improve the quality of soil and variety of wildlife of your gardens without having to use harmful fertilizers or pesticides.

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The Nature of Our Holiday Traditions

When you think of this time of year, what smells and colours come to mind? Pine, gingerbread, mulled cider, green, and red? These are related to plants that have been used to celebrate our winter holidays for over 2,000 years within different cultures. In fact, most of the plants that we use today for holidays have long histories and amazing stories from ancient times. These stories come from all around the world, and are part of many religions and beliefs

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