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Arctic Dinosaurs: Adaptation to Polar Climates

Dinosaurs lived on all continents, including those in polar regions where perpetual darkness reigns the winter and today the dirt is frozen and hard as a rock. How did dinosaurs survive the long, harsh winters of Alaska? Did they migrate or hibernate, and how could they see in the winter-long night? In this program investigate the evidence from arctic dinosaurs discovered by paleontologists at the Perort Museum. Participants will examine how life is adapted at the poles now and look for clues in fossils to understand the ancient Arctic.

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Monarch Migration

Seasonal Program. September-November. Monarch butterflies undergo one of the longest migrations on Earth! You will learn about the basic biology and life cycle of these amazing insects as they uncover the secrets to their navigational know-how and explore what is causing the world wide decline of monarch populations.

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ScienceCast: Cycles, and Storms on Winter Weather and El Nino

November 4, 1:00 pm CentralWe will explore weather and meteorology from the Rees-Jones Dynamic Earth Hall with the Fox 4 Meteorology team! This session will discuss El Nino and the impact this storm system will have on our weather outlook.

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Star Wars in the Milky Way

April 13, 2016 10AMMade up of over 400 Billion stars, the Milky Way Galaxy is a Huge place! Tanks to recent images from the Hubble Space Telescope, scientists have recently revealed a beautiful web of stars at the center of our cosmic neighborhood.

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