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Ask the Expert

How do you go to the toilet in space? What training do you need to be an astronaut? Have you been asked these questions and not known the answer? Here is a chance to find out by linking to the Commander at the National Space Centre. Students will find out more about space science and space exploration through an interactive live question and answer session using videos and images from space. It is recommended that the questions are prepared in advance and e-mailed to our bookings team at least two weeks prior to the event.

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Earth, Moon and Sun

Why do we get night and day? Why does the Moon look different in the sky? In this interactive video conference find out how the Earth, Sun and Moon relate to each other, how we get night and day, why we get phases of the moon and why the Earth experiences seasons. Pre and post materials are available for this videoconference.

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Living and Working in Space

What is it like living in space? And what about working there? This videoconference will answer those and many other questions about how astronauts cope with the pressures of surviving in orbit around the Earth. You will also see a range of artifacts and examples of space hardware. These items are made for manned space flight and some have even flown in space. The presenter talks the students through the equipment, how it is designed to cope with the harsh conditions of Earth orbit and adapted to suit the needs of the astronauts.

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Stellar Evolution

How are stars born? What happens to them when they die? In this interactive videoconference you will be able to find out how stars come into being, how they live their lives and finally what happens to them once they reach the end of their lives and start to die. Alongside this we will explore the mysteries of our universe and what stars can tell us about its history. The videoconference ends with an interactive quiz.

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The Solar System

Which is the hottest planet? Will we ever live on Mars? Come with us on a journey through our Solar System as we explore each of the planets. This interactive video conference will take you on a trip to all of the planets and other objects in our Solar System to find out more.

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