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Can't find the program you're looking for? The experienced staff of the Mount Washington Observatory will custom design a program to fit your unique specifications and curriculum needs.

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Extreme Weather Observations

What exactly is a meteorologist and how do they make a forecast? Forget the suits and ties -- enter the exciting world of our mountaintop crew! Find out who these intrepid scientists are, how they collect data, what kind of data they collect, and how they translate the data into information we can use.

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Fundamentals of Climate

We've all heard about climate in the media, but do we really understand what it is? Learn first-hand from our experienced staff living on the summit of Mount Washington, a place so unique that although it is located in the temperate zone, it actually experiences the conditions of a sub-arctic climate.

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Life and Work at the Mount Washington Observatory

Every hour, Mount Washington Observatory's meteorologists venture into the elements to measure and record weather data -- even when temperatures drop well below zero and winds exceed 100 mph! Find out what it takes to get the job done from the men and women who live the adventure. Your students will never think of scientists the same way again!

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The Alpine Zone

Journey to a strange and distant land, where temperatures fall well below freezing, winds whip at hurricane force and even trees cannot survive. Learn about the specialized technology our scientists use to study this unique environment, and discover what forms of life call this place home.

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