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September 2014

Welcome Ft. Collins Senior Center to the Senior Learning Network! We were very privileged to be there at the grand opening of their newly renovated walk-in center. This state of the art facility offers something for everyone! Welcome Aboard!
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Bebe Forehand: The Belgian Anne Frank
Known as the “ Belgian Anne Frank,”  Bebe Forehand gives a first -hand account of being a  young girl whose family took refuge during WW II in an attic, anticipating the coming of the American/ Allied Forces. Her father was with the Jewish underground in Belgium. Bebe is a gifted storyteller and her descriptions of her life during the 3 1/2 years she and her family spent hiding in the attic of a house in Antwerp were fascinating and very moving. Free

Inner Asian & Uralic National Resource Center

Environment and Culture of Tibet: Continuity and Change
This program uses the example of Tibet to explore how physical geography, environment and biodiversity influences peoples’ livelihoods and culture, and how this is changing in recent times with urbanization and development. Free

Baikonur and the Soviet Space Race
This program attempts to fill in the gaps in our understanding of the Space Race, as seen from the other side: namely, the Soviet Union. We look at both their successes and failures, as well as the modern reality of the Russian space program being located in the independent country of Kazakhstan. Free

History of the Silk Road
This program deals specifically with the Silk Road: where it ran, how it came to be named, who traveled it, its importance in World History, and what it can teach us about world trade today. Free

Music of the Silk Road
This program features a brief overview of the Silk Road before delving into a survey of music and instruments found on the Silk Road. Includes sound of many of the individual instruments showcased.Free

Other Worlds of Architecture
This presentation provides an overview of architectural history in Central Asia and parts of the Islamic World along the famous Silk Road. We will discuss both artistic aspects of Islamic architectural design, as well as the geographic and historical context of their construction. We will end the presentation with a look at contemporary architecture in the modern-day countries along the Silk Road. Free

The Aral Sea and Central Asian Ecological Problems
This program deals specifically with the Aral Sea, arguably the greatest ecological disaster in the history of the world. Participants are walked through its case from its beginnings in Ancient History, through the Middle Ages, to the days of the Soviet Union and the beginning of the end for the sea. Free

Environment and Culture of Tibet: Continuity and Change
This program uses the example of Tibet to explore how physical geography, environment and biodiversity influences peoples’ livelihoods and culture, and how this is changing in recent times with urbanization and development. Free

Mining and Sustainability in Central Asia
This program discusses the importance of mining and how different mineral and energy sources from Central Asia are used around the world, even in the U.S. An important part of the mining cycle is then considering the impact that international businesses and national governments have on local communities and how we can make mining more sustainable over time. Free

Great Lakes Aquarium

Urgin’ for Sturgeon
In the icy cold depths of Lake Superior’s waters is a BIG fish with a BIG story to tell – the Lake Sturgeon!  Participants will learn what makes this fish unique, get a SCUBA diver’s view of hand-feeding the sturgeon in our 45,000 gallon tank, see how they measure up to different sturgeon around the world, and learn about the conservation of this ancient fish! 30 minutes $70

Aquatic Invaders
An ecosystem is a special place where many different organisms all play a different role.  Sometimes, something shows up that does not belong and changes everything!  This ‘something’ is called an invasive species.  In this class, participants will be involved in interactive activities to investigate the what invasive species do, where they come from, how they spread, and what the students can do to keep their favorite lakes and rivers invasive-free! 1 hour $120

Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Museum

Mega Mammals, Huge Floods and the Ice Age in the Columbia River Gorge
This program has the students examining the different Ice Age theories.  Participants will also learn about the unique ice age mega mammals.  They will be introduced to the theories of why the mega mammals became extinction.  Participants will also learn about the giant Ice Age Missoula floods which changed the landscape of the Columbia River Gorge forever. $125

The Cargo of the Lewis and Clark Expeditions
This program will familiarize participants with the equipment and supplies that Lewis and Clark took on their historic journey. Using inquiry learning, students will interact with the instructor to explore the technology of the time by examining specific equipment and supplies taken by the Corps of Discovery over 200 years ago. Topics will include medicine, scientific instruments, Indian trading goods, camping equipment, arms and accessories and clothing. $125

 Dinner in The Dalles: What plants and animals did Lewis and Clark eat while passing through the Columbia River Gorge? 
As they rode their canoes down the Columbia River, Lewis and Clark were humbled by whirling constricted narrows, frothy boulder strewn rapids, and forceful winds that halted their progress. Explore the intersection between the geologic story of the Columbia Gorge and Lewis and Clark’s epic journey. What processes formed the long and short narrows, Celilo Falls, and the Grande Chute of the Columbia? What causes the persistent wind? Participants will gain appreciation of both the power of nature and the fortitude of the Corps of Discovery. $125

Live Bird Show-Raptors of the Columbia River Gorge 
This is a “live” bird show featuring a variety of birds of prey found in the Columbia River Gorge which may include eagles, owls, hawks, and falcons. Participants will learn how birds of prey hunt, their unique characteristics, and other interesting and educational information about these remarkable creatures. $125

Surviving the Oregon Trail:  What should we take? 
This program looks at the decisions that emigrants had to make as they prepared to cross the continent on the Oregon Trail. Participants will become familiar with the supplies and equipment needed to cross the American continent successfully in wagons in the 1840’s. Using inquiry learning participants will evaluate which items were essential for survival and which items were luxuries. $125

Opening the West: From Lewis and Clark to the Oregon Trail
This interactive program will look at the contributions and impact of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The program will highlight other groups that came West. The program will look at their motivation to enter the American West and their contributions to the settling of the Western frontier. The program will conclude with a presentation and discussion of the Oregon Trail Migration. $125

The Men and Women of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
This program looks into the lives of those who shaped history and geography by being members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Students will explore some of the key and interesting members of the Corps of Discovery. They will examine what skills these individuals brought to the expedition and how their skills make the epic trip successful. Participants will also learn about the personalities of the explorers, as well as find out what happened to the members after the completion of the expedition. $125

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Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Under the Weather: Climate Change and Health
Think that “climate change” just means turning up the air conditioning? Think again! Grant Supported – Free

Macronutrients, Fad Diets and Energy Drinks
Learn the basics of proper fueling and hydration for a healthy daily routine. Grant Supported – Free

Stress Down
Stressed out? Recognize your biological reactions to stressful situations and learn techniques to manage your stress response. Grant Supported – Free

Balancing the Scales
We will discuss the physical effects, warning signs, and treatments for eating disorders, and how societal and cultural opinions of ‘beauty’ can trigger these destructive behaviors. Grant Supported – Free

Other “For Pay” Programs from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History can be shared with 2 other centers for a price reduction.

New! Judi Bonilla

Judi is an aging expert, educator and social entrepreneur. She has worked with families on the aging process for over 10 years. Find her at Check out her workshops below:  (All programs can be shared with up to 2 other centers for a price reduction)

Brain Fit Now! Improve Your Brain Health Today – $100
Are you one of the growing number of Americans concerned about their brain health? Are you concerned about dementia and what you can do to stave off memory loss? Find out the facts on how you can improve your brain health, learn memory strategies, and find out about community resources to keep your mind in top shape. Be prepared for a fun and interactive class that includes a presentation on keys to brain health, group exercises to practice memory strategies, and low impact fitness. This class is the first in a series that offers students the chance to access cutting edge information on the best of great brain health topics.

Brain Fit Now! Focus: Social Rx for Better Brain Health – $100
Did you know socially active people on average are at lower risk of developing dementia? In this class students explore the skills necessary to change habits and identify community resources to support a brain healthy lifestyle. This class focuses on both identifying behavior changes and developing social connections to a social network.

Brain Fit Now! Focus: Superfoods for Better Brain Health – $100
New research suggests that a heart-healthy diet may also preserve memory and reduce the odds of developing dementia. In this class find out about Superfoods, how to develop better habits, and how what you eat can change your life.  This class provides the facts on how nutrition can improve your brain health, learn memory strategies, and find out about community resources to keep your mind in top shape.

Brain Fit Now! Focus: Stress Management for Better Brain Health- $100
How would you like to lower your blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and increase your ability to focus? Now’s the time to learn science behind stress and your health. In this class you’ll learn the science and more importantly various stress management techniques. Prepare for an afternoon of learning how to relieve stress, soothe tension, and even boost your immune system. This class provides the facts on how you can improve your brain health, learn memory strategies, and find out about community resources to keep your mind in top shape.

Global Education Motivators
$150 each – Up to 2 Other Centers can split the cost 

Global Education Motivators (GEM) was founded in 1981 to help the community meet the complex challenges of  living in a global society. GEM is a non-governmental-organization (NGO) in association with the United Nations Department of Public Information. It offers the following programs:
Live from Ukraine – A first-person look inside
Climate Change: Now What?
Conflict in Africa: The Lost Boys of Sudan
Face to Face with Poverty
Global Good News
Globalization 101
Big Picture World History
Children in Armed Conflict: Child Soldiers and Child Abductions
Designing the World to Work for All
e-trips to the UN coming soon
Global Solutions to Global Problems
How Can You Change the World
No More Business As Usual
Socially Responsible Globalization

Creative Learning Factory 

(Prices range from $75 – $200 – All programs can be shared for a price reduction)
Origins of Valentine’s Day
SO you know Elections
So You Know the Founding Documents
You know US Government
The Story of the Strange Bird: The Origins of ThanksGiving
Mound Building Cultures
The Wright Method:Scientific Inquiry and the Process of Invention  (Wright Brothers)
Wearing of the Green
So you know the Civil War
Ask an Archeologist
The Story of the Triangular Tree: Origin of Christmas Trees

Can She Trust You?
The Impact Europeans Had on American Indians 

(A full description of these programs is on our website)

Fresno Pacific University

Sir Isaac Newton – $125 (May split cost with up to 2 other centers)
Sir Isaac Newton will greet you and share about his early years, his school day struggles as a young boy, his false start in farming, and his creative love of learning by building models. Connect with Fresno Pacific University and with our amazing effects of creative video, green screen technology, and a variety of backgrounds, Sir Isaac Newton will capture the attention of your students as he interacts with participants through questions and problem solving.

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