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Minnesota Zoo

5 Different Programs Available
All Programs 1 hour.

Calls from the Wild: Exploring Animal Communication
Can you communicate with your dog or cat? This program explores some wilder examples of critter communication found in the animal kingdom— from familiar vocalizations to more exotic examples like bee dancing and chemical communication. Audience members will also try their hand (er… noses, actually) at some honest-to-goodness olfactory communication. Provider: CILC. [ismember] Request This Program [/ismember]

We’ll also look at some of the creative ways scientists have learned to crack the code of animal chatter in recent years, including how prairie dogs use “grammar” and how crow gossip can sometimes cause quite a headache for humans. [ismember] Request This Program [/ismember]  Cost is $115. Provider: CILC.

Program Flyer: Moose Mystery: Minnesota’s Vanishing Icon
The moose has long been a symbol of Minnesota’s wild northern territories and beyond. However, in recent years the moose’s presence in Minnesota seems to be dwindling. This program focuses on both the characteristics of the moose and its place in the ecosystem as well as the work being done by researchers attempting to confirm and explain the moose’s gradual disappearance from Minnesota. After examining the evidence and the methods used to collect it, students will deliberate on their own theories of why the moose is vanishing. Cost $115. Provider: CILC. [ismember] Request This Program [/ismember]

Engineering from Animals: The Science of Biomimicry 

Biomimicry is the process of using nature in all its forms to inspire new solutions to human challenges. Today more scientists, engineers, and inventors are looking to nature than ever before, and during this program you’ll explore, hands-on, some of the most fascinating ways nature is shaping how humans design, build, and innovate. You’ll test your strength against some spider silk stand-ins; a friendly live arachnid might make an appearance in the studio too! Cost $115. Provider: CILC. [ismember] Request This Program [/ismember]

Engineering from Animals: Exhibit Design and Beyond
Zoos have come a long way in the last 75 years: blank concrete cells with steel bars have given way to lush, naturally-inspired enclosures with live plants and jungle-gyms that put our own playgrounds to shame. During this program you’ll visit a variety of the Minnesota Zoo’s cutting-edge animal enclosures live, and learn about the smart engineering that goes into designing a modern zoo exhibit. You’ll also test your own ingenuity by whipping up exhibit designs for animals that don’t even exist yet! Cost $115.  [ismember] Request This Program [/ismember]  Provider: CILC.

Engineering from Animals: Inventive Nature
Humans are far from the only living creatures on earth that affect their environments in fascinating ways. “Engineering by Animals” looks at examples of wildlife that show animals going beyond their built-in physical adaptations, using and even altering their habitats to increase the chances of their own survival. During this program you will also have a chance to test your own animal ingenuity during its “Survival Solutions” activity! Cost: $115.00. Provider: CILC.  [ismember] Request This Program [/ismember]