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Kigluait Educational Adventures

3 Different Programs Available

Mushing Alaska– An introduction to the history and cultural importance of mushing in Alaska as correlated with the history and cultural development of the Continental US. Cost: $150.00 (60 min) Provider: Kigluait Educational Adventures –

Sled Dog Racing: Meet a Musher – Have you ever imagined racing your dogs across frozen Alaskan landscapes for hundreds of miles at a time with little or no sleep? Or do you dream of running your dogs out into the forests to gather firewood to warm your cabin on those bitter cold winter nights? Yes!No! Well, whichever way you answer, we are sure you will enjoy chatting with our mushers about their lives in Alaska working and racing with their dogs.Cost: $150.00 (60 min) Provider: Kigluait Educational Adventures – 

Yukon Gold Rush – The Klondike Gold Rush! The very name brings up romantic images of Jack London and Robert Service… man-against-nature and the haunting beauty of the Yukon… But what drove those tens of thousands of people up and over the hardships of the Chilkoot Pass and down the wild Yukon River? Come with us and explore these questions and more! (yes, yes, we know the Klondike Gold Rush actually occured in Canada, but it did significantly alter Alaskan history.) Cost: $150 – Provider: Kigluait Educational Adventures –