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Global Education Motivators

21 Programs that explore the present day world’s issues and successes. Global Education Motivators (GEM) was founded in 1981 to help the community meet the complex challenges of living in a global society.GEM is a non-governmental-organization (NGO) in association with the United Nations Department of Public Information. Share Costs

Saudi Arabia – Personal perspectives on the Politics and Culture of a Key Ally in the Middle East

Learn first-hand about Saudi Arabian life and culture from Abdullah Alsultan, Saudi Arabian National currently living in the US. Discuss history, religion, language, heritage, culture, food, arts, music, and more. Ask the burning questions you have about life in another part of the world. Abdullah was born in Riyadh, where he attend primary and secondary school. $150 Provider: Global Motivators.

Arabs in Pop Culture – From Aladdin to Terrorist – The Post 9-11 Shift

This program takes a look at the shift in perspectives on Arabs in film and TV in a post 9-11 world.  In the past Arab culture and heritage was an almost farcical caricature, but today characters from the Middle East are pigeon-holed into the role of enemy or terrorist. Hollywood has a huge influence on how we view different cultures. Consider the Disney classic Aladdin, or TV show I Dream of Jeannie. How were Arabs portrayed? What stereotypes are visible? Today, characters from the Middle East are more often the bad guys. Shows and movies including Always Sunny in Philadelphia, NCIS, American Dad, Good Wife, Sex and the City 2 and many more portray Arabs as the antagonist. This videoconference will look at both the caricature and the terrorist image and how it affects our views of events and culture in the Middle East. $150. Provider: Global Motivators.

Live from Ukraine – A first-person look inside Ukraine
Learn about the up to the minute activity going on inside Ukraine. Participants will hear firsthand what is happening on the ground from Reno Domenico who is living and working in the Ukraine. Mr. Domenico has photograph and video links of the events unfolding in recent months and personal accounts of the day-to-day changes impacting people and businesses within the country. System Requirements: This program is available via Skype only. Please note – Due to the time difference the program is only available between 8AM-10AM Eastern Time. 60 – 90 minutes. Cost $150. Provider: Global Education Motivators.

Climate Change: Now What?
In 2009, the world’s climate change experts and political leaders met in Copenhagen. This conference was designed to build a framework for the world to address issues of global warming. We now find ourselves on the other side of this momentous conference. This program looks at climate change after Copenhagen and asks the following questions:: was the conference a dismal failure, qualified success, harbinger of the future, tectonic power shift or what? Is the climate window of opportunity closing? What went wrong? What went right? Doe the world think climate change is real? Do you? What we do we do now? Cost $150. Provider: Global Education Motivators.

Conflict in Africa: The Lost Boys of Sudan
The purpose of “Conflict in Africa – The Story of Sudan” is to make you more aware of the consequences of war and related effects on the victims and the country at large. The program specifically focuses on the past and current issues in the largest and the most war affected country of Sudan. Thus, the program is to educate and give details to participants on what the reality of war is about. From first hand experience, the keynote speaker of the program gives a moving testimony about his experiences in Sudan before the war, life as a refugee, and the current situation in Southern Sudan. Cost $150. Provider: Global Education Motivators.

Face to Face with Poverty
According to UN statistics, 25,000 children die each day due to poverty related causes. Learn about the reality of poverty both through global statistics and the presenter’s personal story about the poverty situation in Tanzania. Participants will learn about the causes and affects of poverty in this East African nation.

Program Format: An action oriented, interactive discussion of a personal poverty experience in the context of poverty as a global issue. Participants will:
1. Review global poverty statistics
2. View a video clip from
3. Participants will then hear the presenter’s personal experiences with poverty
4. Question and Answer period
5. Participants will be given the opportunity to get involved in poverty eradication.  Cost $150. Provider: Global Education Motivators.

Global Good News
Since 1950, life expectancy in the world is up nearly 40%; death and birth rates are down 40%; the number of immunized children is up 1400% (basic immunization has saved over 20 million children from all preventable lethal diseases since 1980); smallpox has been eradicated; polio has been reduced by 99%; measles have been reduced by 90%; access to safe drinking water is up 173% since 1970; hunger has been reduced from 25% of the world’s population in 1970 to 14% today; literacy levels are up over 100% since the 1950s. These are just a few of the positive trends impacting our world (and that escape most people’s notice) that will be covered in this program that puts all the “bad news” we hear about everyday in a positive and life enhancing context. Cost $150. Provider: Global Education Motivators.  [ismember] Request This Program[/ismember]

Globalization 101
Globalization has changed everything, and continues doing so. Globalization has made the world smaller by substituting speed, connection and complexity for distance. It has interconnected everything with everything else in ever more effective and profound ways, linking you to the world. What does this mean for your world? Globalization 101 begins with a short (2.5 minute) movie that provides a global perspective on the problems of the world. Globalization is then defined and presented within a historical context. Various facets of globalization (economic, technologic, cultural, political, environmental) are gone over. How we measure globalization and where it is taking us are presented. Participants are engaged in a discussion of what they think globalization is and what it means for them—in terms of the importance of continuing their education, global competition, jobs, friends and opportunities. Cost $150. Provider: Global Education Motivators.

BigPicture World History
The purpose of “BigPicture World History” is to make you more aware of the large patterns in social studies. The ecologist Howard Odum said, “The only way to understand a system is to understand the system it fits into.” This program provides that perspective and context for U.S and World History studies. It provides a big picture perspective on the forces that are shaping today’s world. From the formation of the Earth to current events, this program helps you make sense of the world. It helps participants to understand what is driving globalization and the events of today. The program chronicles the growth of population, life expectancy, communication, transportation, energy and other technologies and their increasing capacities. History is presented not as a collection of facts, but as forces shaping the world. Cost $150. Provider: Global Education Motivators.  [

Climate Change: Myth or Reality
The purpose of “Climate Change: Real or Myth?” is to increase your understanding of climate change, and to make you aware of the continuing controversies surrounding the issue of global warming and climate change. This program deals with the fundamentals and latest—up to this week’s—scientific findings regarding climate change, it’s causes, impacts, doubters, and what we can do about climate change today. This program examines the positions and ideology of those who still cling to the notion that climate change is not real, or not caused by human activities, or is not something to be alarmed about, or is something we can not do anything about—and provides the latest scientific information why these positions are incorrect. Cost $150. Provider: Global Education Motivators.

Children in Armed Conflict: Child Soldiers and Child Abductions
This is a highly interactive presentation about the problem of child soldiers in African conflict. Participants will learn practical examples drawn from the situation in Uganda, where over 50,000 children were abducted and forced into rebel activities, committing atrocities against their own communities.

This program looks into the contributing factors that allowed this to happen, how these abductions affect the community as a whole, and the long term implications. Roll play activity are an optional part of this program depending on the maturity level of the participants. This presentation was prepared by Denis Fred Okema who has worked extensively as a conflict resolution specialist and a peace builder in Uganda for eight years. Cost $150. Provider: Global Education Motivators.

Designing the World to Work for All
Questions addressed: Is it possible to make the world work for 100% of humanity? Do we have the resources, technology and money to do it? How? This program also covers the book by the same name that is filled with a series of affordable, sustainable and just designs and strategic plans for transforming the world— and that were developed by participants over the last five years at the annual Design Science Lab run each year at the UN and at Chestnut Hill College by GEM and BigPictureSmallWorld. The program can cover food, water, energy, education, health care, shelter, the environment and economics broadly or one of these topics in depth. Cost $150. Provider: Global Education Motivators.

From Independence to Interdependence
A program designed to help US students better understand the concept and reality of our interdependent world through the work and experiences of James Wilson, signer of the Declaration of Independence and Founding Father of the United States of America. Using Bob Gleason, actor, to role play a James Wilson, history comes to life with his first person perspective on the shaping of our nation from 1765-1800. Cost $150. Provider: Global Education Motivators.  [ismember]

Global Solutions to Global Problems
Provides a global overview of basic human need problems facing the world and proposed solutions to these problems. Deals with he United Nations Millennium Development Goals and how they might be reached, using present day resources, technology, and finances. Cost $150. Provider: Global Education Motivators.

How Can You Change the World
This program addresses many compelling questions including: What are the seven ways you can change the world? How does nature change? How do human beings bring about change? Can you change the world? How? What are examples of people who have changed the world, and how did they do it? How have scientists changed the world? Business people? Political leaders? Religions leaders? Individuals? Students? What can you do, starting now? Cost $150. Provider: Global Education Motivators.

No More Business As Usual
Businesses have been in the news lately because many have acted in an unethical or irresponsible manner. Widespread incidences of lying, cheating and greed has led to improprieties and scandals at such companies as Enron, WorldCom and Tyco as well as numerous mutual fund companies. The values most people are taught at home and in school – do unto others, tell the truth, consider long term consequences – are often forgotten at work in the name of making the fast buck.

The goal of “Introduction to Socially Responsible Business” is to help you better understand our interdependent world and present a model that enhances the welfare of the economy, the ecosystem and society at large. This understanding will enable you to make informed decisions and ask timely question of yourselves, your communities and your leaders. Actions participants can take to positively influence the business community are presented so that everyone has the opportunity to make a difference both locally and globally.

Discussions can be made on those different topics:
1. Introduction to and History of Socially Responsible Business Movement
2. Benefits of Socially Responsible Business Practices – Sustainability
3. Principles and Guidelines for SRB – The United Nations Global Compact
4. How You can Make a Difference
Cost $150. Provider: Global Education Motivators.

Socially Responsible Globalization
Questions addressed: What is globalization? What is socially responsible globalization? What is socially irresponsible globalization? What is your role in globalization? How has globalization already impacted you? How will it impact you in the future? How can globalization be used in a socially responsible way? Why is the gap between the richest of the rich and the poorest of the planet growing? How dangerous is this situation? How much further can it proceed without blowing up? Is climate change, hunger and other global problems examples of irresponsible globalization? How can globalization proceed so that it benefits all the world, and not just the wealthy? Is there a win/win form of globalization? Cost $150. Provider: Global Education Motivators.


Socially Responsible Globalization: Understanding the United Nations
Purpose of the program is to provide a needed understanding of what the United Nations is and is not. Presenter will look at the formation of the UN in context with WW1, the League of Nations and WW2. Emphasis is on understanding the UN today through the reasons for its creation and how the UN functions today. The program starts with a 20 minute interactive background presentation