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California State Parks & Recreation

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Elephant Seals – Evolution
The State of California maintains 278 state parks, of unique environmental, historical, and educational interest. One of the most interesting and unique, from the biological and environmental perspectives, is Año Nuevo State Reserve, home of the largest rookery for northern elephant seals in the United States.

This program introduces students to the evolutionary history and adaptations of the northern elephant seals of Año Nuevo State Reserve. The highlight of the program is a video conference between students and a park ranger. The ranger acts as guide for a virtual tour of the rookery and discusses the evolutionary history and adaptations of elephant seals with you.  Provider: California Parks and Recreation -Cost: Free

The Hearst Castle: An Exploration of Ancient Civilizations
Explore the art and architecture of the ancient Greeks and Romans through the art and artifacts of Hearst Castle. Provider: California Parks and Recreation – – Cost: Free

U.S. Immigration Station at Angel Island
Today the U.S. Immigration Station serves as a house museum dedicated to interpreting and making connections between the experiences of those who made the journey to America over 100 years ago and the continuing story of immigration in America today. Cost: Free

Redwood Ecology
Find out about the unique redwood forest ecosystems of Humboldt Redwoods and Prairie Creek Redwoods State Parks. Provider: California Parks and Recreation – – Cost: Free

Salmon Lifecycle
Students are introduced to the life cycle of salmon and the importance of watersheds for their survival at Del Norte Redwoods State Park. Provider: California Parks and Recreation  – Cost: Free

Gold Rush
Learn about the California Gold Rush from Columbia State Historic Park. Provider: California Parks and Recreation –  – Cost: Free

Tide Pools
Experience life at the ocean’s edge and find out why life in the tide pools is no day at the beach. Provider: California Parks and Recreation – – Cost: Free