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How Artists See Nature
Photographers such as Ansel Adams and Elliot Porter shared Georgia O’Keeffe’s appreciation of nature as they captured unique scenery through the camera lens instead of paint and palette. Join us as we explore how O’Keeffe and others found ways to share their work and inspiration through various forms of art medians.– Provider: National Cowgirl Museum Cost: $125

Women In The Arts
Many women of the West shared their experience and knowledge in pictures and art. Discover the world of these women as they see it, through photography, pottery and paintings.– Provider: National Cowgirl Museum –  Cost: $125

Maria Martinez: Bringing the Past to the Present – Maria Martinez, the most famous of Pueblo Indian potters, revived the ancient Pueblo craft of pottery making after discovering the process of crafting San Ildefonso prehistoric pottery. Using the knowledge of pottery making she learned as a child, Maria reintroduced the world to the highly polished black vessels. Join us as we discover the art of pottery and its role in our past, present and future. – Provider: National Cowgirl Museum Cost: $125

O’Keeffe: The Faraway – To coincide with the Museum’s ground breaking exhibit featuring 1991 Honoree Georgia O’Keeffe, participants are introduced to basic art concepts while also discovering O’Keeffe’s connection to the land and the West. This program allows students to view and examine the work and techniques of one of America’s best known Modernist. – Provider: National Cowgirl Museum  Cost: $125

 The Cowgirl – The term “cowgirl” serves as an attitude, an idea and a description. Discover the story of the women of the American West during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries who have displayed extraordinary courage and pioneer spirit in their trail blazing efforts. – $125. Provider: National Cowgirl Museum –

 Fact or Fiction in History – Many stories of the past are handed down from generation to generation. Learn some little known facts that helped keep the Western lifestyle alive. – Provider National Cowgirl Museum –  Cost: $125

 A Journey Through Texas – Featuring the artifacts from the temporary exhibit Going to Texas: Five Centuries of Texas Maps at the National Cowgirl Museum during the fall of 2009, participants will experience a diverse collection of cartography. These rare maps range from early sixteenth-century New Spain through the Republic of Texas and statehood and into the twenty-first century. – Provider National Cowgirl Museum -Cost: $125

 Meet Annie Oakley – As one of the first female superstars of her era, Annie Oakley excelled in sharpshooting. Few performers or athletes come to mind more quickly than she when talking about Wild West shows or cowgirls. Through photographs, film clips and discussion, learn about her early life of hardship that she overcame to become one of the nation’s most respected and beloved early figures. – Provider: National Cowgirl Museum   Cost: $125

 Sandra Day O’Connor: The Cowgirl Who Became a Justice – Prior to Sandra Day O’Connor, no other female in the United States had been given as heavy a burden to carry out in public life by representing women, the West, and in turn the best interests of our nation as when she was selected to be the first female Justice in the nation. Join the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame as we proudly celebrate Honoree, Sandra Day O’Connor and discover this cowgirl’s transition from life on the ranch to life on the bench. – Provider: National Cowgirl Museum Cost: $125

Tied to the Apron Strings – This program features photographs and stories from the current exhibit Apron Chronicles: A Patchwork of American Recollections at the National Cowgirl Museum during the spring of 2011. As a uniform, a display of artistic talent, or a memory, aprons are recognized by all ages. In addition to hearing the stories behind some vintage aprons, participants learn of the role aprons have played in history from the Middle Ages to the present.– Provider: National Cowgirl Museum –  Cost: $125

Untangling Cattle Brands – The history of branding is unique on its own, and is also tied to the cattle industry in the West. Beginning with the elaborate brands of the early Spanish cowmen to the brands we use today, this program explores all facets of branding and makes connections to today’s “current branding” that students see routinely.– Provider: National Cowgirl Museum–   Cost: $125

A Walk Through Time – A Walking Tour of the National Cowgirl Museum – Discover fascinating information about the National Cowgirl Museum. – Provider: National Cowgirl Museum – Cost: $125

Coming to the United States and Finding a Life of Adventure – During the 1800s, many immigrants traveled to the United States. Their reasons for coming varied, but mostly they were searching for a fresh start. This program explores what it was like to enter the U.S. through Ellis Island as well as examines some of the National Cowgirl Museum honorees, why they came to America, and the adventures they experienced when they arrived. – Provider: National Cowgirl Museum – Cost: $125

Community Planners  – Join us in learning about how the contributions of Clara Brown, Henrietta King and others created communities as well as shaped the West. – Provider: National Cowgirl Museum –   Cost: $125

Charles Goodnight and the Chuck Wagon – Charles Goodnight came up with the idea of a mobile kitchen, which became the center of life for the cowboys on the trail. Learn more about the life of Charles Goodnight, his invention of the chuck wagon, and the lives of cowboys on a cattle drive. – Cost: $125 Provider: National Cowgirl Museum

Molly Goodnight & the Preservation of the Bison – Join us as we celebrate the life of Molly Goodnight and the contribution she made to save the bison from extinction. – Provider National Cowgirl Museum – Cost: $125

Amazing Women in the Days of the Depression
Join the National Cowgirl Museum to learn about an era in history known as The Depression. Women such as Dale Evans, Georgia O’Keeffe and Patsy Montana are just a few Honorees in the Museum’s Hall of Fame that lived through this time of great turmoil in our nation, yet made history in spite of it.  $125 – Provider: National Cowgirl Museum –