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Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Four Health Related Programs are now FREE due to a grant.

Under the Weather: Climate Change and Health 
Think that “climate change” just means turning up the air conditioning? Think again – climatologists agree that the future might make you sweat…or worse. Join our Health Educators in this investigation of how an increase in the frequency of extreme weather events may affect many public health concerns: drought, urban heat islands, floods, air pollutants, infectious diseases, and nutrition, to name a few. You’ll be recruited by our Virtual Triage Team to view several short interviews with victims of our changing climate, and asked to help sleuth out the maladies that have been worsened by local conditions. What can be done to help patients who are truly “under the weather?” Free – Provider: Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

Macronutrients, Fad Diets and Energy Drinks 
Learn the basics of proper fueling and hydration for a healthy daily routine. Find out about carbohydrates, proteins and fats as you calculate your macronutrient needs. Use this information to be an informed consumer and work your way through the marketing hype to uncover the facts about fad diets, supplements, energy drinks and fitness regimes. Free – Provider: Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

Stress Down 
Stressed out? Recognize your biological reactions to stressful situations and learn techniques to manage your stress response. Distinguish the stress that you can and cannot control and use that information to lower the effects of stress on your body and mind. Free – Provider: Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

Balancing the Scales 
The term “eating disorders’ refers to a group of serious conditions in which an individual is so preoccupied with food and weight that they can focus on little else. The main types of eating disorders are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge-eating disorder. We will discuss the physical effects, warning signs, and treatments for eating disorders, and how societal and cultural opinions of ‘beauty’ can trigger these destructive behaviors. Free – Provider: Cleveland Museum of Natural History.