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What do seniors have to say about video conferencing?

Many of the seniors who have experienced the use of video conferencing are sold on it as a way to bring lifelong learning directly to them.   Click on the picture below to hear what two seniors have to say about video conferencing and lifelong learning.



Retirement Community Takes the Next Leap!

Activities Director, Maria Dussi, at the R.H. Myers Apartments (Independent Living), in Cleveland, Ohio plans videoconferences to content providers for the residents on a weekly basis. Recently, however, she has taken a big leap: she posted a collaboration opportunity in the CILC Collaboration Center.

The Post Read:
We are an Independent Living Facility on the Campus of Menorah Park. The seniors of the R.H. Myers apartments have lived very full lives with stories and histories to share. One particular moment in history not to be lost is The Holocaust. Survivors have never forgotten that tragic time and relive it every day. Let them relate their stories of survival with your group.

As a result, two of the residents, both Holocaust survivors, spoke to a class of 9th grade students about their experiences. The News Herald captured the essence of the program and the students’ response. One very poignant comment was, ‘When you close your eyes, do you know who is next to you? Can you tell their skin color or their religion?’

But how did the sharing of their experiences affect these two women? 
Maria shared, 

‘The women felt the story had to be told so that this may never happen again.


They were very moved by their videoconferencing experience and happily surprised at the depth and thoughtfulness of the questions presented by the young people.

They encouraged the students to stand up for each other, so this wouldn’t ever happen again.

We must not close our eyes to the indignities of human behavior.’

In the R.H. Myers Apartments videoconferencing room, staff members passed out tissues; there was not one dry eye.

We applaud Maria for her willingness to take this leap in order to give her senior residents the opportunity to share of themselves something that will be remembered for a long time. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience tucked away in our senior communities. Let’s not let them go to waste!