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2 Programs.  JETS offers a wide range of online learning programs for school groups, individual students and adult education in the areas of Jewish studies, Israel Education and Hebrew language.

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1 Program.  Dr. Saundra Sterling Epstein is a professional Jewish Educator. She directs BeYachad, Bringing Jewish Education and Best Educational Practices together. She and her husband live in Elkins Park, Pa. and their family includes four children.

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Conversations With Steven

“Conversations with Steven” will present many opportunities for each of us to deeply realize that you and I make a difference in the world. It is an exploration and a chance for each of us to go beyond our strongly held opinions about ourselves and others. We will explore what it means to be compassionate and forgiving. We will have an opportunity to recognize and touch the basic goodness that dwells within each of us.
Free. Provider: Steven Falk

I have been a Zen Buddhist student since 1999 and I am currently studying to be a Zen Buddhist priest.  I am deeply committed to people realizing their true nature and bringing forth their genuine self.