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Star Wars in the Milky Way
Perrot Museum of Nature & Science
April 13: 10AM

Made up of over 400 Billion stars, the Milky Way Galaxy is a Huge place! Tanks to recent images from the Hubble Space Telescope, scientists have recently revealed a beautiful web of stars at the center of our cosmic neighborhood. Free

Earth Day Celebration
Texas State Aquarium
April 22: 10AM, 11AM, 1PM, 2PM
Join the Texas State Aquarium as we celebrate our annual “Party for the Planet,” the largest combined Earth Day event in North America! Learn how you can participate in environmentally friendly practices by going “green” and raise awareness about animal conservation. Free

The Magic of Monarchs
Texas Wildlife Association
April 13: 9AM, 10:30AM, 12:45PM, 2PM
For such a delicate insect, the Monarch butterfly leads an adventurous life! During spring and fall, millions of Monarchs will travel through Texas on their way to or from their overwintering sites in Mexico. Live caterpillars and adult Monarchs will be on hand during the program. Free


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A Virtual Tour to Collect Words of Wisdom

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Lynne Beachner, Co-founder of SLN

I oftentimes think of things that I believe would be important for my sons to know – just little things that I have learned throughout my life. Do I stop and write them down or call them? No, not usually!  I want to conduct virtual visits with as many centers as possible this year to collect these “pearls of wisdom” from your participants.

What is it they want to pass on? What are the important lessons they’ve learned. Let’s not lose these rich thoughts!  I will compile a digital book that I will make available to participating centers. Your participants can email them to their families as a gift! Their lessons will be captured for others to enjoy! At the Senior Learning Network we feel it is important to honor all people! We’re excited about this project.

Let us know a good time to virtually visit your community by clicking HERE.




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