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Elmer Mattila is a member of a Senior Center in Winona MN and he is offering a free class on Energy Medicine.  


Complementary Energy Medicine for Body, Mind, & Spirit


What can it do and how does it work? This session will cover the basic philosophy of complementary energy medicine and how it differs in philosophy from conventional, allopathic medicine (bio-energy fields vs.

body as a machine). Of the many energy systems the presentation will include auras, chakras, meridians, and acupoints. Three modalities will be demonstrated: Healing Touch, Spring Forest Qigong, and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Elmer is currently a practitioner in Healing Touch trained by Healing Touch International. He has also had training in Spring Forest Qigong and EFT. He will demonstrate a few interventions that you can use with your friends and relatives. Class time is 1 hour

15 minutes.