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Saturday, Apr. 11th 2015


Abraham Lincoln

The 16th president makes a special appearance as he tells the story of his life from childhood to death. He will share little known facts about himself and first-person accounts about how he was honest and lucky. You will feel as if you have just met the man in the tall hat and beard personally, and you did!

Request this program   $125.00

Native American Beadwork

See the beautiful beadwork of the woodland Native Americans, and learn the importance of beadwork in their culture. Participants can make their own sumac bead necklace to keep as they journey to a time where beads were used as currency.

Request this program   $80.00

Owls of Michigan

Have a "hoot" learning about the 10 species of owls that live in Michigan. Participants will see examples of each owl, hear their calls and learn their natural history. You can also dissect an owl pellet to see what their particular owl ate and will then match the bones they find to the owl prey sheet.

Request this program   $115.00

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