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Ask a Ranger

Participants prepare thoughtful questions ahead of time and spend a half hour with a ranger discussing Grand Canyon ecology, geology and human history. -- 30 minutes --

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Canyon Connections

This program focuses on animal and plant adaptations while introducing some of the amazing creatures that call Grand Canyon home. Participants learn about the five diverse ecosystems found at Grand Canyon and the unique interrelationships found within them. -- 60 minutes --

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Condor's Flight

Learn about this endangered species and the principles of adaptation and habitat through the riveting story of the California Condor.

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Layers in Time

Participants learn the geologic story of Grand Canyon by focusing on principles of deposition, plate tectonics, down-cutting and erosion. This distance-learning program connects participants to past environments, the Colorado Plateau, and the powerful force of the Colorado River. -- 60 minutes --

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The Human Story

You'll go back in time 12,000 years at Grand Canyon to learn about the people who have called the Grand Canyon Home for thousands of years.

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