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Saturday, Apr. 11th 2015


A Bite-Sized Look at Sharks

Learn about some of the unique features that have made sharks one of the most successful groups this planet has ever seen. Also find out why the shark's bite is so important to our oceans!

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Animal Enrichment

People nationwide enrich the lives of their pets every day by providing a stimulating environment to keep them active and interested in their environment year-round.

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Don’t Koala Me, I’ll Koala You!

Often mistaken for a bear, this fuzzy marsupial is one of Australia's most recognized native animal species. Meet one of our keepers via videoconferencing to find out about this unusual animal.

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Operation Africa

Explore the newest exhibit at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, African Elephant Crossing. Ignite your passion for African elephants and discover the excellent care the Zoo provides. This is a 2-part series program. Please register for Part 1 and Part 2.

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Polar Bear Express

1. Discussion on difference between carnivore, herbivore, omnivore; diet in the wild. Adaptations to life in the Arctic; how polar bears keep warm, hunt, and live on the sea ice. 2. Polar Bears in Zoo: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo’s connection to polar bears, how zookeepers care for polar bears in captivity (diet, enrichment, training, research). 3. A Changing Climate: How polar bears and other living things are affected by warming temperatures and what we can do to help out polar bears and the environment.

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Primates 101

Have you ever wanted to learn more about our closest cousins in the animal world? Join the Zoo's primate keeper as we discuss diversity in primates. 101.

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What’s Up Roos!

It's no ruse that kangaroos are a unique animal. Join us as we discover the habitats, adaptations and close cousins of the kangaroo.

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