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All Pals Together: A First World War Soldier's Story

You will share one hour in the life of a soldier from a Pals Battalion, Private Henry Fairhurst, played by a costumed actor, as he talks about why he joined up and what life is like in the trenches.

You are encouraged to engage with the soldier during the workshop and ask him any questions they like about his life in the trenches: from what he thinks about the war; the aims of the conflict and how it is being fought; to the time he wakes up in the morning; and what he does in his free time. Was it really all mud and blood in the trenches, or did Pte Fairhurst see some benefits in what he was doing?

A range of original documents from the National Archives is used as evidence for his story, such as battalion war diaries, trench maps and soldiers' files. Students can use the information they have gained during the workshop to complete a profile of Pte Fairhurst and fill in replicas of the documents we hold about him. As a follow up to this workshop, students will be encouraged to think about the usefulness and reliability of this form of historical interpretation as a piece of evidence, by considering what sources and information the actor used to recreate this role.

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Deeds not Words: The Suffragettes Movement

The workshop begins with a study of The Suffragette newspaper to see what evidence it provides us with for who was involved in the suffragette movement. Copies of documents used in the workshop will be sent to you in advance for some preparation work, and for reference during the workshop. We then go on to examine photographs of various suffragettes taken by the police for the government. The education officer leading the workshop will discuss what information we can find out about suffragettes from these photographs, and also how reliable they are as evidence -- one particularly interesting example lends itself very well to this debate as you will see!

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Henry the VIII: Images of a King

This session examines how Henry VIII used symbols and images to display royal power. Participants examine an extract from Henry VIII's entertainment book detailing preparations for a jousting competition, to discover key symbols used during his reign. They are encouraged to read Tudor handwriting and to consider what these symbols meant to people in sixteenth-century England. --1 hour --

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Jack the Ripper

Through a study of original correspondence taken from the Metropolitan Police Letter Books and the "Jack the Ripper" letters held here at the National Archives, students will investigate why the police were unable to catch the murderer. They will research the different methods employed by the police in their efforts to apprehend Jack the Ripper, as well as those suggested by members of the public, to question whether or not the police were to blame for not bringing him (or her!) to justice. The "Jack the Ripper" letters will also be examined to understand the impact they had on the police investigation of the case and what they reveal about society's attitudes to the murders.

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Noor Khan: Behind Enemy Lines

This videoconference introduces pupils to Secret Agent Noor Inayat Khan (played by a historical interpreter). Participants play the role of trainee agents, preparing for their first mission. It is 1943 and Noor is imprisoned at Pforzheim Prison in Germany. She explains her role as Wireless Operator in France and talks about the betrayal that led to her arrest. She shares information about her life and experiences as an agent with the trainees, who are encouraged to question her about her training and her survival in the field.

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The Evil Trade: Olaudah Equiano and Abolition

This reenactment takes participants back in time to the 1780s, where they meet and listen to the arguments of a slave trader, before being introduced to Olaudah Equiano (played by a costumed interpreter). Equiano tells students about his experiences as a slave, how he bought his freedom and how he is fighting for the trade's abolition. -- 1 hour --

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The great Fire of London

This session introduces participants to The National Archives and to some of the famous documents connected with the Great Fire of London, such as the original hearth tax return for Pudding Lane. -- 1 hour --

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The Holocaust: From the Nuremburg Laws to the Final Solution

Documents for this workshop have been carefully chosen to help give individuals a greater insight into the causes and effects of the Holocaust. The workshop begins with a study of the Nuremburg Laws and the events of Kristallnacht. The activity which follows will look at the kindertransports and Britain's rescue plan for Jewish child refugees, the German Reich's policy on Jewish immigration and the subsequent creation of ghettos. The second part of the workshop will use subtle drawings by a concentration camp survivor and carefully selected questions, to encourage you to think about how and why the Holocaust happened. There are opportunities to discuss the Holocaust in greater depth.

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The Sinking of the Titanic

Drawing on information and testimony submitted to the British government inquiry into the sinking of Titanic, students will investigate why so many passengers and crew lost their lives in the early hours of 15 April 1912. -- 1 hour --No programming on Mondays and booked through the fall semester.

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