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Saturday, Apr. 11th 2015


Egyptian Mummies: The Myth Unwrapped

Experience the mythology, ceremony, and legends surrounding mummification and death rituals during the New Kingdom in Egypt. During this interactive program participants will witness an example of the mummification process and help prepare our 18th dynasty pharaoh for eternity in the afterlife.

Request this program   $140.00

Passport Distance Learning Storytelling

Storytelling has existed as long as humanity has had language. It's the world of myth, of history, of the imagination ... it explains life. Every culture has its own stories and legends, and every culture has its storytellers, often revered figures with the magic of the tale in their voices and minds. In this interactive session, offered on the third Friday of every month, participants see museum exhibits come alive through the art of storytelling and hands-on activities. Laugh, listen, learn and experience the Milwaukee Public Museum through story!

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The Tropical Rainforest

Discover what makes a forest a tropical, humid rainforest. Examine the incredible biodiversity and adaptability of the tropical rainforests flora and fauna, such as buttress roots, broad flat leaves, brilliantly-colored poisoned frogs, the iguana's strong "Popeye" arms, and plants that don't need soil. Explore the layers of the tropical, humid rainforest and discover the strongest animal, the messiest eater, the laziest animal in the tropical rainforest and more!

Request this program   $140.00

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