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Saturday, Apr. 11th 2015


Fiber Arts

A domestic program primarily including weaving and spinning interpretations.

Request this program   $120.00

Four Great Inventions (And One That Almost Was)

Explore the creation of the steamboat, steam locomotive, daguerreotype camera, telephone and difference engine, which was an 1832 attempt to build a mechanical computer.

Request this program   $120.00

Gone for a Soldier: A Day in the Life of a Civil War Infantryman

Includes a discussion of the political, social and economic events during the Early American era that led up to the war.

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Hearth and Home

An exploration of the role of the domestic arts practiced by the1800s housewife with an emphasis on food preparation including hearth cooking.

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Revisiting the Country Store: An Important Community Resource

A look at the vital role of a general store in the life of rural America as a purveyor of goods, social center, post office etc.

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The First Frontier: Whaler Yeomen in Colonial New Jersey

The story of the first permanent European settlers as well as a discussion of how the Eastern Seaboard was the original American frontier.

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The Story of Old Glory

The origins and early history of the flag of the United States, using a collection of reproduction historic flags from the 17th century through the Civil War.

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The War of 1812: More Than The Star-Spangled Banner

A presentation that is likely to prove popular as the country enters the bicentennial of the War of 1812.

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Welcome Centers: Taverns, Inns and Wayside Stops

A presentation utilizing our c.1836 Dennisville Inn, a former stagecoach stop in Dennisville, NJ, to explain the important part buildings such as these played in a community.

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