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Rivers of Ice

Glacier Bay National Park has a dynamic glacial history. The area and its people have experience and observed the tidewater glacier cycle of advance and retreat. Glacier Bay is a place of scientific research where scientist conduct studies to understand how glaciers function and what their future may be: Available 10.1.18- 2.28.19.

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Survivor Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay is a vast wilderness that is home to many animals, including birds, mammals, fish and, historically, people. Through this distance learning program, participants will learn that each animal has special adaptations to survive in the cold waters and snowy mountains of Glacier Bay. available 10-1 to 2-28

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Wonders of Glacier Bay, Alaska offered January and February, 2016

Have you ever wanted to take your students into the wilds of Glacier Bay, Alaska, but your boat wasn't big enough? Well now our Park Rangers can bring Glacier Bay directly to YOU. During the program, participants will be interacting with the ranger, answering and asking questions! The programs are free and a great way to introduce you to this amazing national park and to the vast state of Alaska. Available 10/1 to 2/28

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