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Saturday, Apr. 11th 2015


Animal Adaptations

Discover the fascinating features and adaptations of Michigan's native nocturnal animals. In this program, learn what adaptations are, how they are formed and why animals develop these amazing tools for survival. This program includes an owl, a bat and a flying squirrel.

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Bats of the World

Learn the truth about bats and how they live in this exciting multi-media presentation. Find out how bats use sound waves (echolocation) to navigate in the dark, the bat's role in the food web and explore conservation issues and ecosystems from Michigan and around the world. Meet bats from North America, South America and Africa, some with a three-foot wingspan!

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Biodiversity Live!

Explore the amazing variety of wildlife on planet Earth and discover the interconnectedness between plants and animals. Topics include the balance of natural ecosystems, how humans are impacting biodiversity (habitat destruction, invasive species, climate change), and simple actions that can be taken to protect wildlife from extinction. Live animals include a bearded dragon, a sugar glider and a large fruit bat.

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Biological Monitoring of Rivers

Sampling and counting benthic macroinvertebrates is a common way to measure water quality in rivers and streams. The program presents the biology and identification of these fascinating aquatic creatures with photographs and samples. Students will assess water quality in a simulated river using real data.

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Native America

A great diversity of Native American tribes is found throughout North America. Explore the history and culture of the tribes/nations of your State or Province using artifacts drawn from the Institute's collections as well as through historical photographs and documents. This program is tailored to each group's needs based upon grade level and educator requirements. Programs require one month lead time to assemble the appropriate artifacts and materials.

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The Ice Age - How Cool Were You?

Explore the world of the ice age and investigate the evidence of that remarkable past in the local landscape and prehistoric biota to place your school and community in a global context. Evaluate theories for past and present changes in global climate with a geologist that has explored the Antarctic ice sheet, including the South Pole. This program is tailored to your geographic location. Emphasis is placed on the benchmarks for your group's grade level.

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The People of Three Fires

Use virtual field trip technology to learn the history of the Ojibway, Ottawa and Potawatomi tribes of the Great Lakes. Interactive activities and authentic artifacts introduce your class to the history, language and culture of the People of the Three Fires. The fun Fur Trade Barter game highlights the interaction between Native Peoples and the French voyageurs.

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Watershed Ecology

Learn about your watershed and the difference between point and non-point source pollution with this interactive presentation. Maps help students understand their watershed and place within it. Through a hands-on activity, students discover how land use and individual actions can impact water quality.

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